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Gossamer Links

für Unix und Windows Server
Programmiert in: Perl
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internationale Kundenmeinungen

I am really enjoying Links. A very good product indeed. I also think your support, and forums are excellent. The installation was easier than many lesser links/search software I am using. At last I (our company) has made a good choice in software.

Kurt Liebe,

We are very pleased to be able to utilize the LinksSQL database system allowing us to offer information solutions to the broad Internet based community. With its unique ability to customize to a high degree and scale for wide ranging database application usage, has assured our long term commitment to use this product as our core database management technology for projects now, and in the future.

Colin PC, Insight Eye

Many many thanks for doing the upgrade from 2.04 to 2.05 of Links SQL - you have no idea how much we appreciate you doing it!! I'd just like to say how fantastic the support, technical help and customer service has been from you all at GT. Keep up the good work with Links SQL because it really is one of the best scripts out there on the net. Many thanks again for everything.

Hannah, music-is-it

You guys have a superb product and have been extremely professional and supportive in every way possible.

Habib Zatar,Zorona

Our site simply would not exist without Links SQL. When we decided to build our DataBase, we knew we needed something strong, fast and customizable.... after all, there are not too many cartoon database-specific applications! We are not Perl programmers by nature, but with a couple of books and a LOT of help from Alex and the guys at GT, we have turned Links SQL into something of our own, that perfectly fits our needs. GT has a fine, stable product in Links SQL; it works as advertised right "out of the box". Despite it's power, we have found it extremely easy to expand, customize and add to. And the Tech Support is a click away.

Dave Koch, Big Cartoon Database

Gossamer Threads have been fantastic to work with on this project and have always been quick to respond to emails and queries. Having spent a long time researching the software we required Links SQL, was so versatile and powerful. In comparison to anything else on the market they pale into significance. The cost of the system was excellent value for money and implementation was smooth under the watch eye of Gossamer. Although we are based in the UK AND Gossamer in Canada you would never have known this as communcication was excellent. A final big bonus for Links SQL is its unique feature of publishing the whole database into static htm pages. For those who want to get their site deep crawled by search engines this is a winner. This alone has helped our traffic growth significantly. I whole heartedly recommend Links SQL as a robust and scaleable system and the team at Gossamer are second to none. Having worked on ebusiness projects or many years Gossamer have done themselves considerably proud and look forward to building our relationship further.

Simon Roberts, Pressbox

We looked at a lot of software, so we know what's out there. Links SQL has been extremely customizable, affordable, easy to use, and stable, and Gossamer has been great with the upgrades and support. It's hard to imagine our site now without our links!

Gene Field, Animenation

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